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Welcome to InsideFF…

  … Where we will be posting nuggets of fantasy football gold all year long. That’s right folks. From a fully loaded Preseason Draft Kit,  to inspiring quotes, to championship advice from our resident experts. InsideFF is the buffet that is gonna keep your fantasy football bellies full all season. We have put a lot of time and effort into what is the maiden attempt at bringing […]

Divisional Round Playoff week

A look at the divisional round This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. There are 8 teams left and the teams fortunate enough to get a bye will take the field. There are some great plays this week for your playoff challenges and weekly playoff fantasy. We saw some huge performances […]

Quarterback Season review – Peyton Manning

The NFL 2013 regular season has come to an end. Coaches are getting fired, teams are getting ready for the playoffs, and you should be getting ready for next seasons draft… so it’s time to take a look at stats, trends, and predictions to see who could be possible candidates for your 2014 roster. Peyton […]

Week 14 Start or Sit

Week 14 Start or Sit It’s playoff time, and just like in real football people are losing sleep over it. I’ve received or seen more fantasy questions over the last few days than I thought possible. It just goes to show you that the popularity of fantasy football isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The question […]

Donald Brown a must start

Donald Brown looks to be a must start today as he will start for the struggling Trent Richardson. Brown faces the Titans who are pretty bad against the run, so Brown is a must start and Richardson is dead wait going into the playoffs at this point.

Start/Sit: Week 13

Week 13 Start or Sit I write this article in a state of sadness as Aaron Rodgers was officially ruled out for the Thanksgiving day game at Detroit. I have a bad feeling my Green Bay Packers playoff hopes have now been ruled out as well. Like the Packers I am sure many of you […]

Week 12 Recap

Recap of what transpired in Week 12 Week 12 was a little better on the weather but still feeling a little odd about all the predictions. As usual players that you did not expect to show up proved us wrong and players that everyone thought would do decent or better decided to leave their talent […]

Start/Sit: Week 12

Who should you start in your lineup in Week 12? Start/Sit Week 12 I am well aware that other peoples’ fantasy sports stories are really only interesting to them. That being said, I want to describe what happened to my games last week in hopes of reminding everyone why we play this wonderful game.  Heading […]